Charlotte Metro’s Women in Agile group

We would like to thank Charlotte Metro’s Women in Agile group for inviting us to their forum as this month’s community partner! Our co-founder, Simran Bhargava, gave a presentation about HelpHygiene and our mission. We would also like to thank them for their generous donation of $200 which will go towards donations and future fundraisers!

Covid Relief Donation

With the help of donations received from past drives and fundraisers, the HelpHygiene team was able to donate hundreds of toiletries to A Better World, A Child’s Place, The Relatives, Moore Place, and the Community Shelter of Union County. Donations included disposable masks, shampoo and conditioner, toilet paper, sanitary napkins, baby products, and much more.
Thank you to everyone who contributed and donated! If you are interested in hosting a contactless drive please email us at

Covid Relief Donation

Thanks, Zjhahirah for the kind words! During these difficult times please contact us if you or someone you know needs sanitation supplies to help mitigate the spread of Covid-19 and promote general personal hygiene.

Mitten Tree

We hope everyone has been having a great holiday season! This past week, we donated toiletries to the Saint John Newman Catholic Church. These are going to the Embassy of Honduras as a donation to help the people affected by Hurricane Eta and Lota. Thank you to everyone who donated these supplies!
If anyone is interested in hosting a contactless drive, please reach out to us through our email

April. 2020, Covid Relief

​Some pictures of face shields that were donated and hand made face masks from co-founder Simran Bhargava! 21 masks and 50 face shields were made last week, we can’t wait to see the progress for this week! If you are interested in helping out, you can contact us at A big shoutout to Neera Mahajan and Poonam Singh for donating supplies to help make masks. Stay safe!

Feb. 2020, Daily Point of Life

The Daily Point of Light Award is presented by @PointsofLight each day, celebrating the power of individuals to spark change and improve the world. Simran Bhargava and Malika Rawal are honored to be today’s Daily Point of Light! Learn more about the work we do with HelpHygiene foundation

May. 2020, Covid Relief

​​Congratulations to Cofounder Malika Rawal for recieving the FPS scholarship. She will be donating $1000 to HelpHygiene to sustain coronavirus relief efforts. A sincere thank you to the Future Problem Solvers organization for this prestigious scholarship.

HelpHygiene India Project 2020

This year HelpHygiene went to a village in Mahmoodpur, India in early March 2020 . Before COVID-19 had a large impact in India, HelpHygiene members traveled to India and donated packets of toiletries including soap, shampoo, clothing detergent, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and more hygienic toiletries. These were all donated from monetary donations and money we raised from previous fundraisers, specifically our annual New Years Fundraiser. We would especially like to thank Manoj Singh and his colleagues from Lending Tree for their donations that went directly to this project.
We partnered with the Udaan Society and received help from family of the members that are apart of the HelpHygiene India Chapter.
This event was extremely beneficial for such unprecedented times, as members went right before the lockdown and were able to give important hygienic supplies to those in need while also teaching them the important of staying clean.

Covid Relief Drive

One of our members, Shreya Mathur, is hosting a drive at her house on December 23! Anyone can come and drop off supplies including toiletries such as soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, etc. and face masks. Any donation helps!

Covid Drive 

Hello everyone! Co-founder, Simran Bhargava will be hosting a contactless drive at her house to collect toiletries and face masks for local homeless shelters.
Due to the situation with coronavirus, there will be three different ways to donate, online at monetary donations only), through a curbside delivery (with a mask) where you can come to Simran’s house and she will get the supplies from you, or you can contact Simran through our email or message us and she can come and pick up the donations from your house!
All toiletries and masks must be new and sealed. Any donation helps! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through direct messaging, emailing us, or contacting Simran at 7042923134. We hope to hear from you on October 9 or 10!

April. 2020, Covid Relief

​​Huge shoutout to Sana and Avi Pandey for making and donating 50 hand sewn face masks to Atrium Health! We truly appreciate all the hard work from our members during this time of need. Along with the 50 face masks, cofounder Simran Bhargava made 45 face masks and collected a donation of 50 face shields which were donated to Dr. Pooja and GCAAPI. Again, if you are interested in helping out feel free to contact us at!