Hurricane Florence Relief

It is really devastating to see the damage Hurricane Florence has caused to our home state, North Carolina but with the help of kind supporters, we raised $125. Thanks to everyone’s kind donations, the HelpHygiene Foundation was able to immediately support those affected by Hurricane Florence. The Foundation donated over 750 toiletries to relief centers in Charlotte, NC.

Sep. 24th, HelpHygiene Drive Presentation at Saint Gabriel Church

On Monday, we were able to meet with several members of the Self Advocacy Group on hosting their own drive! The Self Advocacy Group, is an organization that helps give a voice to those with mental disabilities. The group will be hosting a drive at St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church. Special Thanks to Kendra Hart for giving us this opportunity and helping our cause!

HelpHygiene Chapter India Workshop

Our HelpHygiene Chapter in India went to a school run by a nonprofit, Aashray Society, in Noida, India. EC member, Madhav Piplani, and four other HelpHygiene members that he recruited. There he and the other four members talked to a classroom of underprivileged children about the importance of staying clean. They demonstrated how to properly stay clean in order to prevent noxious disease, in correlation with our mission statement. They also donated toiletries to the school from the previous drives that they had held. They were about 45 individual bags of toiletries, like bathing soap, hand soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo and hand sanitizers for school. We are so proud of how amazing our chapter in India is going and we can’t wait to see what will come in the future!

Dec. 20th - Dec. 27th 2017 : Project India

The HelpHygiene team traveled to India in December of 2017 for HelpHygiene Project India. 5,000 dollars were used towards this project (most of which was collected during our local talent show at MRHS). We assembled a total of 650 sanitary packets (5,052 items), and we delivered 550 of these packets to underprivileged women and children in Nabarun Seva Niketan in Kologhat, West Bengal. We also funded a water pump (priced at $1,000) in a village in Kologhat with no access to nearby clean water. We visited an old age home (Amar Seva Sangha) and gave a care packet to each senior, and also donated 50 packets to kids in Saraswati Vidyatam, an adoption center.
Thanks to all our members, donor, supporters and sponsors who made our biggest project of the year as successful as it could be! click below link to watch the video on 2017 HelpHygiene projects and Project India.

August 25th: HelpHygiene Drive at Halton Theater

We are so proud of our newly added members, Radhika, Parvathy, and Neha for hosting a HelpHygiene drive to collect toiletries for Southern India Flood Relief (Kerala and Kodug)! Thanks everyone for your support and kind donations!

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Dec. 31st, HelpHygiene New year's Fundraising Party

Thank you to everyone who joined our New Year’s Fundraiser! It was a very successful event- all thanks to your support! We raised 5,475 dollars and the net proceeds will support our HelpHygiene Projects in India this February! We sincerely appreciate your support and wish everyone a happy new year! 

Jan. 27th : Union County Community Shelter Tour and Donation

On Jan. 27th, the HelpHygiene Team visited Union County Community Shelter and donated 750 toiletries for the homeless men/women/children who come to the shelter! Thanks to the members who joined, and to the shelter for welcoming us!

August 4th: Donations Drop off at Nurse Family Partnership

It was wonderful meeting with Ms. Chiquita Reid this past weekend! We are glad to announce our partnership with the Nurse-Family Partnership!

June 6th : Global Community Problem Solving Competition

Team HelpHygiene received first place at the Global Community Problem Solving State competition and represented NC for 2018 International Conference. Please visit for more details!

August 16th: HelpHygiene Drive at Providence Downs Neighbourhood

HelpHygiene co-founder, Simran Bhargava is having a drive at her house in Providence Downs this Thursday from 4-8! Please come to show your support and donate toiletries as well as gently used shoes. If you are not able to attend the drive, but would like to donate, you can contact us at our email, See you then!

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August 11th/12th: HelpHygiene Booth and Project India Display at Festival of India

HelpHygiene presented Project India 2017 at Festival of India. We are really thankful to Charlotte Mayor "Vi Lyles" and Indian Association of Charlotte for the encouragement and recognizing us with a trophy!

Oct. 20th, Shoes Donations

We are so thankful to all our donators who donated shoes during summer drives. We dropped first set of 450 shoes today to Soles4Souls and planning to donate another set of 1200 shoes in next couple of weeks. Soles4Souls is a non profit organization that collects new and used shoes and redistributes them through direct donations to people in need and through micro-enterprise partners.

June 2nd : HelpHygiene Drive at Bridgehampton Neighbourhood

Thanks to everyone who supported our drive on Saturday!! Also, special thanks to member, Misha Mathur, on helping coordinate it! Please let us know if you are interested in hosting a drive this summer. Thank you!

June 30th : HelpHygiene Annual Event

Thank you to everyone who attended our annual event! We were able to inaugurate new members, review our year, and celebrate our accomplishments. Just as a reminder, If you are available to host a drive this summer please let us know! As always, Thank you for your continued support.

Dec. 1st, HelpHygiene Drive by Self Advocacy Group at Saint Gabriel Church

Thank you to the Self Advocacy Group for hosting not one, but two HelpHygiene drives!! All of the collected toiletries will be donated to the Nurse Family Partnership and the shoes will be donated to the Soles4Souls campaign! We are so thankful for your generosity! 


May 6th: Eat for change

Thank you to everyone who joined us at Chipotle to eat and support our fundraiser!! We had over 40 people in attendance and we raised $145.33 through this event!  Thank you to Chipotle at Waverly Center Drive to support our cause!

July 19th : HelpHygiene Showcase at 6th Annual Share Charlotte Young Professional Multi Group Mixer

So happy to be a part of the 6th Annual Share Charlotte YP Mixer! It was wonderful meeting such amazing organizations and joining efforts to help our community! Thank you to members Rashi, Misha, Shubi, and Shrey for joining.

April 12th : Community Future Problem Solving Competition

HelpHygiene Cofounder/member, Malika Rawal, has been doing the Future Problem Solvers club for six years! She has done regular competitions but this year, she also took the HelpHygiene Foundation to the community problem-solving competition! Team HelpHygiene (Malika, Simran and Rashi) received first place at the Global Issue Community Problem Solving competition and qualified to attend International conference on June 6th. Visit for more details!

April 21st Fundraising Spell Bee Contest:

HelpHygiene team sponsored a Spelling Bee contest on April 21st at 1PM. Team was able to raise $450 from the contest. Thanks to all the participants and volunteers! 

July 29th : HelpHygiene Drive at Marvin Creek Neighbourhood

Thank you to everyone who supported Rashi’s drive! All donations will directly benefit the “Nurse-Family Partnership” here in Charlotte, NC! Thanks to Rashi for hosting the drive!

April 28th : Hygiene products donation and tour at Moore Place, a branch of the Urban Ministry Center in Charlotte

The HelpHygiene Foundation is excited to announce its partnership with UNCC college students involved with the “housing first” initiative! The HelpHygiene team provided toiletries for 60 residents at the Moore Place (an organization that provides permanent housing and support for the homeless in Charlotte, NC). We were approached by Kayla Blackburn, a biology major at UNCC who is enrolled in an honors college course named “Citizenship.” Thank you for supporting us and collaborating with us!