June13th, Donations to Sole4Souls Foundation

​​The HelpHygiene team conducted personal hygiene workshops and donated toiletry supplies in Bhiwani, India. To sustain our work we have also opened a new chapter there! Another successful project, thanks to all of your support!

August 18th, HelpHygiene Summer Drive

Our last drive, hosted by co-founder Simran Bhargava, was a huge success as she was able to collect over 80 pairs of shoes and 120 toiletries! Many members came to help out during the drive including Shreya Sirlapu and Suchi Jalavancha, as pictured. If you would like to donate and were not able to attend the drive you can contact us at our email: helphygienefoundation@gmail.com. Thank You!


We are so proud to start our partnership with FRONTIERS FOR NOW AND TOMMOROW-FONT organization in Uganda with a new PROJECT: SANITARY PADS FOR 150 UGANDAN GIRLS. As a result of this project, HelpHygiene will provide funds to purchase sanitary pads that will be distributed to menstruating girls at LAPIT primary school in Lapul Subcounty, Pader district, northern Uganda, alongside providing reproductive health education sessions in the school and encouraging peer-learning sessions. This will benefit 150 girls for 1 year!

July 30th, HelpHygiene Drive

​​HelpHygiene co-founder, Simran Bhargava had a drive at her house in Providence Downs. Thanks to all who donated!

March 8th, HelpHygiene cofounders share their success stories.

Thanks to United Indian Community Forum for inviting us to share our success story on International Women's Day!

Dec. 31st, HelpHygiene New year's Fundraising Party

Thank you to everyone who joined our New Year’s Fundraiser! It was a very successful event- all thanks to your support! We raised 5,475 dollars and the net proceeds will support our HelpHygiene Projects in India this February! We sincerely appreciate your support and wish everyone a happy new year! 

March 10th, HelpHygiene Project India

HelpHygiene’s Chapter in India donated 350 plus toiletry supply kits to Sikandurpur village in Aligarh, India. The chapter members also presented on effective personal hygiene standards and provided lunch.


Hope week, a flagship project of Hopeworks Ghana was organized in Sowada, Ghana on Dec. 6th. Sanitary pads and other hygiene products were donated to over 100 young girls and women. Also, a workshop was run to educate them on the use and benefits of hygiene products, Project was sponsored by HelpHygeine. Thanks to all our donators for your kind donations. We do hope you have gained inner satisfaction in knowing through your efforts you have created opportunities for a better tomorrow and will continue to support in our upcoming fundraiser for New Year's Party!
Hopeworks Ghana has approached us to help them with building the toilet in an impoverished community where people have not had one throughout their lifetime due to the poverty level. We are hopeful we will be able to support them with your help! Thank you in advance for your generosity!
Donate - http://www.helphygiene.com/donate.html

Dec. 30th, WBTV Coverage on HelpHygiene

HelpHyigiene on WBTV asking for donations and help in organization to grow and spread awareness.
Thanks WBTV for the opportunity!!


August 16th, Workshop and Donations at "The Relatives"

HelpHygiene Team donated hygiene products to the Relatives: a shelter that serves as the Safe Place agency for Mecklenburg County, and ensures that young people in need have access to immediate help and supportive resources.

Dec. 31st, New Year Eve's Fundraising Party

2019 has been an extremely successful year for us! Through expanding our organization globally, the HelpHygiene Foundation has been able to reach impoverished communities in Ghana, Uganda, and India. Even though we have been expanding our nonprofit, we have constantly been making a difference in our local community and have donated to various homeless shelters in Charlotte and Monroe. We would like to thank our members, friends, family, employees of Lending Tree and supporters for attending and supporting our Annual New Years Fundraising Party where we collected $6,500 which will go to our upcoming local and global projects. We can’t wait to see what this year brings to us and our organization!

Thank You and Happy New Year !!!!!
The HelpHygiene Team

Dec. 30th, Child's Place Donation

We recently donated many toiletries and detergent to A Child’s Place in uptown Charlotte! All of these donations will go to children in the CMS area who don’t have access to such supplies! If you are interested in helping and would like to donate, you can contact us at helphygienefoundation@gmail.com !



We are so proud to continue our partnership for 3rd year with Hand in Hand, USA.
As a result of this project, HelpHygiene provided funds to purchase Hygiene Products for the whole year to 10 students at Hariharananda Balashram, Odhissa India!

We are so grateful that many generous souls have supported our cause and helped us to complete projects like this in 2019. As we look forward to 2020, We sincerely hope that you will stay involved. Our mission continues because of your generosity!

Donate - http://www.helphygiene.com/donate.html

April 27th, HelpHygiene Spell Bee Contest

Our HelpHygiene Spelling Bee contest on April 27th was a great success! We were able to raise over 300 dollars and spread awareness about our cause to all of the participants! Thanks to all of our members who helped ask words and serve pizza! Also, congrats to all of our winners! Great job!

July 20th, HelpHygiene Project Haryana, India

​​The HelpHygiene team conducted personal hygiene workshops and donated toiletry supplies in Bhiwani, India. To sustain our work we have also opened a new chapter there! Another successful project, thanks to all of your support!