April 27th, HelpHygiene Spell Bee Contest

Our HelpHygiene Spelling Bee contest on April 27th was a great success! We were able to raise over 300 dollars and spread awareness about our cause to all of the participants! Thanks to all of our members who helped ask words and serve pizza! Also, congrats to all of our winners! Great job!

March 8th, HelpHygiene cofounders share their success stories.

Thanks to United Indian Community Forum for inviting us to share our success story on International Women's Day!

Dec. 31st, HelpHygiene New year's Fundraising Party

Thank you to everyone who joined our New Year’s Fundraiser! It was a very successful event- all thanks to your support! We raised 5,475 dollars and the net proceeds will support our HelpHygiene Projects in India this February! We sincerely appreciate your support and wish everyone a happy new year! 

March 10th, HelpHygiene Project India

HelpHygiene’s Chapter in India donated 350 plus toiletry supply kits to Sikandurpur village in Aligarh, India. The chapter members also presented on effective personal hygiene standards and provided lunch.