​​​Malika Rawal


Malika Rawal is the co-founder of HelpHygiene Organization – an initiative started by her in 2017.

Malika's Story: My family and I went to explore our native roots in India - the first time ever I stepped foot on my motherland. We stayed with my cousins in Delhi, the capital of India. On the 2nd day of our trip, we decided to explore some poor areas in Delhi. And the experience intensely alarmed me as I witnessed the devastating living standards there. Kids on the streets were walking around in the dirt with only undergarments on (without shoes). Many families could not afford to use water (except to drink it). Therefore, they could neither wash their hands regularly nor brush their teeth. According to the World Health Organization, "60–90% of school children and nearly 100% of adults have dental cavities and Oral disease in children and adults is higher among poor and disadvantaged population groups". After I returned, I caught severe Pneumonia. When I visited the doctor, he said that pneumonia and sickness were "normal". After coming back, an idea came to my mind to help the suffering people when I questioned myself: Why are we letting families in impoverished communities undergo such poor sanitation standards to harm their bodies? 

Thus, I shared my idea with my childhood friend - "Simran Bhargava" - and we both decided to start HelpHygiene.

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HelpHygiene Cofounders



Simran Bhargava

Simran Bhargava is the co-founder of the HelpHygiene Foundation, an organization that started in 2017.

Simran’s Story:
Malika approached me about her idea of creating HelpHygiene, and we transformed that idea into a reality. Ever since I was five years old, I have been visiting my family in India a few times every two years. My family lives in New Delhi, the capital of India, and Agra, where the Taj Mahal is located. Every time I traveled somewhere in India, I always noticed children on the street walking around on the dirt road with no food or home. They didn’t even have any shoes and they barely wore any clothing that could protect them from the harsh environment that they were living in. There are multiple diseases that affect people in India and other third-world countries that can be prevented through proper hygienic care. By making this nonprofit organization we can make a difference throughout our community and hopefully to other third world countries. .